When I started shooting digital, I started with a Canon 10D. I moved up the model ladder (20D, 40D) and stalled at the 5D. I shot some stuff with the M2, M3, but wasn’t really thrilled about shooting street with it. I did it, but the dynamic with people – in a silent exchange of personal space became complicated. People are different now. Sensitive and suspicious. And I’m not mad at them. 

In 2015 I rented a Sony R100 M3. I cried when I had to send it back. I bought the M3, even though the M4 had already come out and the M5 was rumored. I’m not gear crazed. I loved the M3’s quality, but even more, I loved that it packed so much in such a small body. Nobody gets uptight when I’m pointing my Noisy Cricket at them.

Noisy Cricket. Was that the little gun on MIB? 

Yeah. Noisy Cricket.

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